FRP Coating

Glass-reinforced coatings and insulation, is a superior coating and lining system formed by the chemical reaction by choosing suitable epoxy resins or polyester resin with the woven fabrics which has high mechanical values.

In many applications, fiberglass reinforced coating provide superior performance to other materials.When polyester resin is used in combination with glass, the coating lifetime becomes more longer and becomes much more resistant to corrosion.

GRP Coating method has a separate place according to other insulation applications and demonstrate superiority by using hand lay-up method with the help of special roller brushes. This manual FRP coating system can be used safely in the field which needs more chemical acid resistance and corrosion resistance and also it can maintain property for many years.

  • Acid Cap GRP Skins
  • Treatment Plant Isolation
  • FRP water tanks and acid Overlays
  • Acid Ground FRP Overlays
  • Concrete floor and roof coatings