TEKNOPLAS has started to work on GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) since 1973.These studies about GRP, has been launched in Turkey, earlier in 1966, by the founder of our company, Sec. Zühtü ALTIN and it still continues today with the pursuit of new sectors which FRP composite products can be used. As a company, we are proud of our deceased father Zühtü Altın who brought the polyester production industry at the European level for the first time in Turkey and deceased Ömer ALTIN who contributed greatly to the development of composite industry. Today, TEKNOPLAS continues its activities with board chairman and general manager Mr. Muammer ALTIN and our experienced staff.

As a company, we make production for the chemical, petro-chemical and refining industries, including the needs of industry and municipalities according to the project. Meanwhile, we have a large market for public projects and within the scope of government projects, we have produced chlorination, neutralization, odor removal, waste water treatment systems and these units constitute our priority references.

TEKNOPLAS has direct and indirect exports. Directly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan; indirectly in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, South Africa, Russia and Romania.

Our company produces GRP and GRE pipes which are used in various fields. Acids, bases, and resistant to various chemicals, pipes, water pipes and sea water, geothermal underground hot water pipes resistant up to 110˚C, sewage and industrial waste pipes, ventilation pipes as preferred in related industries.

We can design and produce anticorrosive tanks according to the customers’ project requirements with GRP composite and plastic materials. (GRP, PVC, PP, PVC+GRP and PP+GRP) We can realize the design and manufacture of all sorts of chemical proccesses from 0,5 m3 up to 2.000m3, transport, inventory, underground fuel tanks, production of GRP olive brine tanks, centrifugal fans, vapor and acid gas treatment systems, odor removal systems and equipment according to the needs of Industry and projects of all kinds. (GRP, PVC, PP, HDPE and PVC-GRP, PP + GRP, GRP and HDPE.)

In all our operations, maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in accordance with national and international accepted values and standards and  provide products and make services  in this regard.

Create awareness of quality , enhance  knowledge and skills by training, adopt the principle of teamwork to all our staff, and thus contribute to continuous improvement activities.

Ensure customer satisfaction and prevent customer complaints,  perform to the best of avoid Quality, productivity and shipment on time .

In accordance with the principles mentioned above, ensure continuity trust of our employee and of our customer’s, is our Quality policy.

* Maintain the highest level of satisfaction of our customers and our employees by constantly improving our production process .

*Provide quick solutions and develop custom designs to according to customer demand and needs.

* Give priority to R & D activities and develop products to move up the market quality.

*Make all our production activities with the awareness in environmental and Occupational Health & Safety.

To become one of a preferred brand name about quality, reliability in the market of composite industry in Turkey and the worldwide .